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A little about me... 
... a versatile, multifaceted creative with a deep passion for creating beautiful spaces and images. In my styling work I apply my learned skills, broad experiences, colourful imagination and natural instincts to bring out the beauty in lifestyle, interiors, events, props and food.

Since studying in Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, I have worked on a multitude of platforms, from feature movies, television and TVCs to print, editorial, on-line content, advertising, events, commercials as a set decorator, set designer and production desiger for more then 20 movies and series. After years spent collaborating in the film and commercial industry, my passion and creativity spilled over and found its happy place in food, props, interiors and lifestyle. 

As a level-headed creative, who has realistic attitude, an eye for detail and a talent for multi-tasking, I work closely with a group of talented people, photographers, directors of photography, writers, designers, ceramic artists and producers - I believe that great creativity is complimented by great team effort.

I live and work between Zagreb and Amsterdam, I am the mother of an anthropology student in Amsterdam, and an angry - sweet - four - legged beast we call Maša.


A1 : Element pictures : Eagle eye drama : Frikom : Foreo : Gavrilović : Hrt : Immortella mediterranean beauty : Jamnica : Kraš : Konzum : Kaufland : 

Ledo : Neoplanta : Ožujsko : Podravka : Plodine : Pik : Pan pivo : Perutnina ptuj : Tommy : Terme sveti Martin : Vindija : Zagrebačka banka : Žito

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